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VAT (Value Added Tax)

Corporate Tax Consultants Simplifies Your Tax Complexities

The world is constantly changing so fast; technological advancement, the business environment changes, various tax reforms, regulatory changes, new laws introduced and continuous updating require you to get ready your accounts and tax files, regardless of the size, nature, and place of business you have.

We’re a team of FTA-approved tax agents, chartered certified accountants, and Public accountants having years of local and international tax, tax accounting, and tax audit exposure, working with SMEs, large and multinational organizations as well as family offices, and entrepreneurs.

We ensure more assurance and empower change by delivering the modern and most needed tax services in the evolving business landscape. Our international and local approved tax consultants navigate you in the right direction by defining and building the most suitable tax model and tight tax strategies, discussing complex tax issues, identifying opportunities, improving the compliance process, managing complex transactions, and doing tax modelling so you’ll always ready for the future and know the impact in advance.

Corporate Tax Consultants is an FTA-approved tax agent

Corporate Tax Consultants (CTC) is your tax partner instead of just a service provider, blending our business and tax expertise, and as an approved FTA tax agent we’ll have the vision to offer quality VAT and tax services to our clients technically and financially viable as per UAE applicable laws and regulations.

The Value Added Tax (VAT) has been introduced in UAE on January 1st, 2018. This will impact businesses with local transactions and cross-border transactions within the GCC and non-GCC countries.

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How Corporate Tax Consultants can help you?

Our FTA-approved tax agents have years of experience in local and international taxation, ensuring your businesses comply with applicable VAT laws and regulations.  In addition, we’ll offer a business-oriented industry-focused practical VAT service instead of a theoretical and generalized one.

We ensure compliance, quality, and professionalism.

Our VAT Services Include :